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ZRE's NEW Pink Braided shaft

Are you looking for a way to distinguish yourself from the crowd? Have you ever considered getting a paddle with a colored shaft!?!? Well now you can get your Zaveral racing paddles decked out with their newest version of their braided paddle.

The newly released shafts will definitely set you apart from the basic black shafts that are the standard across the industry. Maybe this will start a trend where we start to see more customization in paddles as currently there is very little customization when it comes to paddles.

The advantage to having a braided shaft as opposed to their normal smooth shaft is that they tend to prevent blistering especially for those long races. Another bonus is nobody is going to be able to get away with stealing your paddle!

The new braids will only cost you an additional $15 on your paddle and are currently available.

This now has me wondering from you are readers, what would you like to see for customization from your paddle gear?

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