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The General Clinton Prep Plan

It still amazes me the amount of people that train for canoe races like the General Clinton Canoe Regatta 70 miler with little to no structured plan. The largest extent of planning that most of these people do is to worry about how many hours they accumulate in the lead up to the race. While this number can be helpful in determining the general exercise load, it can also miss a very large part of the performance pie. Volume and intensity need to be in balance to optimize performance, and most people do not understand that someone can perform much better with shorter overall time commitments if they structure their training properly. They could also perform much better if they maintained the same amount of volume but distributed the intensity of that volume to maximize the physical adaptations that can occur with training.

With this thought I decided it was about time to create a general but structured plan for those that are looking to reap the benefits from having a plan to help them succeed. I came up with this General Clinton 70 miler preparation plan based on the requirements that this race will require, while also minimizing the commitment to days on the water. The plan is based on 12 weeks leading up to the race, with a 1-week taper designed to allow you to show up on race day fresh and prepared for the 70 miles ahead.

The overall plan is based on training for a total of 6 days per week, with at least 1 dedicated rest day per week, but one other day is light cross training and can be swapped as a recovery day if required. It consists of 4 on water paddling days and 2 cross training days per week. This is based on a single workout per day but can be split if that works better with your schedule. This plan does not take into account any races that you might do leading up to the General Clinton as there are too many options for this to be practical. If you would like a personalized modification to this plan based on races that you plan on doing that can be arranged for an additional fee.

For this plan, you will be receiving 3 PDF documents containing the entire program, laid out by day and by week. This document shows you which workouts to do on which days of the week to maximize recovery between harder sessions and what sessions should be done with easier intensities. The next document you will receive is an explanation document of all of the types of workouts that are on the program and other terms that are found on the program to help you understand everything you need from start to finish. The last PDF is a HR calculator document that breaks down each zone of effort that is used for the programming of each type of workout. If you request, we can input your personal max and resting HRs into the calculator to give you your specific HR ranges.

This program is designed to start this year on Monday February 28th and end on either Sunday May 29th or Monday May 30th depending on when the actual race will be held this year (currently they are talking about it being on Sunday, but it is usually on Monday). This program assumes that you have a base level of fitness before you should attempt to perform this program.

As with any fitness program, it is strongly recommended that you consult with your physician prior to beginning any exercise program. I am not a licensed medical care provider and any information provided is for educational purposes only and not intended to be a substitute of professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

The cost of this program is $80. This money will be used directly in further developments to the CanoeRaceWorld platform and for upcoming projects to help bring canoe racing further into the digital age. To get the program email me at or message me thru facebook.

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