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How to Turn your C1

Most people that are serious about progressing in marathon canoe racing will eventually spend some significant amount of time in a C1 (one man canoe). The reason for this is simple, in a C1 you can train on your own schedule, and do not have to meet up with another paddler to train like you would in a C2. You also are the sole means of propulsion in a C1 so it is a great way to measure your own fitness progress. The issue is though for people newer in the sport is that it is substantially more difficult to control and turn a C1 when you are novice paddler.

When you are in a C2, there are 2 people that can make corrective strokes to help turn and control your boat. There is also a good chance that at least one of the paddlers has some experience in the canoe which helps tremendously with boat control. The big question now is if you are new, and want to try paddling in a C1, where can you go to learn? Up until now you mostly would have to seek out the advice from more experienced paddlers, so I thought it was about time that some of the basic skills needed for boat control in a C1 be shown in a video format.

In this instructional video I go over the most common corrective strokes to help you turn your marathon C1. In the video I discuss leaning the boat, which is the first skill in maneuvering a C1. I also show how to perform pry strokes, draw strokes, and sweep strokes which will be very common corrections needed to turn the C1 in a racing/training situations. I finish the video by showing you my technique when it comes to buoy turns using a rearward rudder stroke to aggresively turn the C1 when you need to turn the boat 180 degrees.

There will be follow up videos to this one going more in depth on leaning the boat and a session where I am using these techniques to navigate a stretch of river. Leaning the boat will be one of the best skills to learn for the up-and-coming racers out there as it will help you in both C1 and C2.

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