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About Us

I'm a canoe racer that loves the sport of flatwater marathon canoe racing.  I grew up with this sport and during my early childhood this sport was at it's pinnacle in the early 90's.  Since that time however the sport has slowly declined in many areas and has not caught up in the digital era.  On top of my busy training schedule I have set out to help provide digital content to help this sport with an increased digital footprint.


Please come check back regularly as I will add content to this site when I am able to and will continue to promote all things relating to canoe racing.  I am very open to collaborating with anyone that has similar vision and would love all of your feedback.


Contact Me:

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Ben Schlimmer

Ben is one of the fastest paddlers in the pro scene and is currently ranked 17th in the North American Canoe Paddler Rankings with a top 3 placing in the last 3 General Clintons and a top 3 finish at the Ausable River Canoe Marathon.  His best finish in the Classique has been 5th.  He came in 2nd place at USCA CNY canoe nationals in 2018, and at 2nd at Canton Canoe Weekend in 2019 in the C1 Pro Division.  He has been paddling since 2007 and has accumulated a total of 32 total Triple Crown finishes including 12 General Clinton's, 11 Ausable River Canoe Marathons, and 8 International Classiques.  He has also completed the Texas Water Safari and the Yukon River Quest.  He has an amazing knowledge base of knowledge in the current state of the sport.

Bill Mahaffy - AKA #neonbandit

People often ask me how I got into canoe racing.  Short version of the story...Former fat guy that lost a bunch of weight, won a nice amount of money in a poker match, and used it buy my first racing canoe off eBay.

Six years later I've completed the AuSable River Canoe Marathon four times along with the General Clinton Canoe Regatta twice.  Paddling is something that made a large impact on my life as a child even though I had limited on-water exposure.  As an adult I now have the time and resources to embrace the sport.  My stable of canoes currently sits at 3 professional 3x27 C2's, a pair of USCA spec C1's, two SUP's, two recreational kayaks, and a pair of Sawyer touring canoes.  Plus an OC1 project.

Originally from Oscoda County, I have strong ties to the river.  Life would bring me back to the river in 2008 with the opportunity to move to Grayling.  My wife and I own a couple acre piece of property on the river with plans to build in the near future.  We have two children that both love to paddle.  In the off-season I cross country ski utilizing the latest greatest advancements in extremely poor technique. 

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Miranda Robinson


My heart is on the banks of the Susquehanna in Otego, New York.  Even though I have not lived there in some time, it will always be home.  Canoeing has brought my life full circle in many ways.  From the age of 4 I was paddling with my dad, Rodney Robinson and at 8 we were participating in the General Clinton Canoe Regatta.  I have completed every 70 since 1996.  I became a national champion in my teens and it afforded me a scholarship to be an NCAA D1 Rower for the University at Buffalo, without ever sitting in a rowing shell.  During University I found the concrete canoe club and in order to participate, you had to become a Civil Engineer, which is where we are today.  Canoeing did not just bring me my successful career it also brought life lessons and in 2016, it brought me Ben Schlimmer <3 at the 2016 USCA National Championships.  I would not be here without the dedication of my family and friends that enabled me to be successful in every avenue of my life.  They are the true champions of the sport.  I have done race promotion, participated for many years in the USCA and on the General Clinton Race Committee, but now I stick to professional encourager and canoe cheerleader.  Look for flyers soon ;-)  Happy paddling and I will see you on the river!

-Regatta Queen

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