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Marathon Canoe Racing going Virtual!

If you have read some of our latest articles or paid attention to our facebook page, you would have noticed we have mentioned the app Swelldone a couple of times. This is a virtual paddling app that allows you to connect ergs with Bluetooth capabilities to a virtual paddling world. We have been pretty excited as this now allows a much more immersive indoor paddling experience, along with the capabilities to paddle with your buddies across the world as we do in our weekly group paddles. Well, we started a collaboration with Swelldone and Savage River Canoes to bring marathon canoes to the platform!

The marathon canoe models that will be added to the game in the near future include the Savage River famous JD Pro 2 that just captured the AuSable River Canoe Marathon record in 2021 as well as Diller's latest C1 design the D4. Below are some renderings of what the boats will look like in the game. You will be able to pick your seat and the color of the spray deck in the C2, but we know that the orange spray deck is the best hahahaha.

We are also working with the creator of Swelldone to be able to get C2s as actually 2 person teams in game. This would really open up the opportunity for some cool virtual racing and we are looking forward to that around the corner. Swelldone is still working out the details on how to combine the data from 2 units to give a single readout for the boat so this might be down the road a bit but they are working on it.

When we here at CanoeRaceWorld approached Swelldone about adding marathon to the mix, we didn't stop at just boats. We also inquired about getting some race courses added as well. You know that the first 3 courses we are looking to get added are the Triple Crown events, and I am a true believer that it will be much more engaging going down the 70 course in the app as opposed to re-watching the Jeff Rankinen for the 40th time.

We will keep you up to date on any developments that we here about and hope you check out Swelldone, and Savage River. If you are interested in joining the fun, we highly recommend getting a Concept 2 Rower and Paddlesports Training Systems paddle adapter to join the fun.

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