Top athletes from every sport have coaches.  A coach has a different perspective than the athlete and provides valuable feedback that is often hard to see and recognize from the athlete perspective.  A coach can also help instruct and teach you new concepts and while also organizing multiple principles and concepts together so they work in concert to help you achieve new levels of performance.  They help answer the questions of what workouts you should be doing and at what intensities and for what duration.  Having too little and having too much can both have negative effects on overall performance and a coach will help you find the right balance for your current and future ability levels.

It is my mission to help athletes train and prepare for races in a smarter, more purposeful manner.  I want to help my athletes achieve new levels of fitness and reach the start line of a race fresh and prepared and finish the race surprised by how well they did.  Proper preparation prevents poor performance and I want to help my clients ensure that they are properly prepared to tackle any race of any length.


This is an article that I collaborated with Shawn Burke, PHD from "The Science of Paddling" where it breaks down planning your yearly training season.  I use these principles to come up with a plan specific to your racing goals.  I ask my athletes to read this to understand the concepts we will be working with through the year



$100 Initial $30 per month

Initial phone consultation where we break down your goals for the upcoming season.  We discuss multiple topics including goal races, time allocation for training and addressing weak points.  I then gather needed information to make your yearly program

1 dedicated phone call per month, with 1 training plan update per much included.  Coach available for ongoing questions or concerns.



$130 One Time Payment

This is the same initial consultation and program development as the full online coaching.  No further consultation or modifications are provided with this plan.

This plan is ideal for the athlete that doesn't want a coach to check in with, but wants a yearly training plan to help them improve.

Follow ups can be made, but must be discussed with coach.



$50 First Analysis $30 Follow up

30 min phone consultation reviewing submitted video footage.  Detailed written report with focus areas of improvement.  (video footage must be provided)

Follow up reviews as requested/needed to check progress on action items and improvement in technique



Dates and Price - TBD

3 Day camp/vacation getaway in Sarasota, FL.  This program is designed to balance in person paddling coaching with a traditional beach vacation.  The mornings are spent on the water working on improving your paddling with afternoons free for you to enjoy our local beaches(Siesta Key only 15 mins away), many of the local preserves, or just to relax with the family.  We are located in the perfect place to keep the whole family happy while improving your paddling game! Stay Tuned for more on this.