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Savage River Alpha 18

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Over the past 8 months, John Diller and I have been discussing what the next generation 18 foot C1 looks like. What should be different, what can be improved? What worked with past iterations, and what should be brought back or kept with the current model?

I present to you, the Savage River Alpha 18! (final name to be determined)

Now, what is different? This particular version is identical to the New 18, except for an extra 1/2 inch width (volume) in the front half of the boat.

How different does it feel? Well, the extra volume lets the boat "release" easier, similar to the Savage River (old) 18.

Now, I have not yet done an apples to apples comparison against the two older generations, but some first impression improvements include being able to take 7-9 solid strokes per side, vrs 5-7, tracks well in big water and wind, glides better than the New 18 in shallows, maneuvers somewhere between the Old and New 18, and rides a wave really well.

Stay tuned!

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