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Changes to Stock Class Specifications

If you have been following the podcast, you already know that there was going to be changes to the stock class specifications for the USCA. Well, the meeting was yesterday and the below was adopted at the meeting. From the below you can see that NYPRA will be updating this list and our specifications of the stock class at our upcoming meeting January 25th. Make sure to check back to the site as the updated results will be posted here and on the NYPRA site.


United States Canoe Association Stock C-1 specification committee decision for the 2020 January meeting in St. Pete, Florida


In New York state, many canoe racing events gather large turnout numbers in their Stock classes. For this reason, your USCA Stock C-1 specification committee held extended communications with notable people associated with governing which canoes are permitted into the New York Stock C-1 class. Notable people we've gathered helpful information from include: Long time boat designer for many canoe manufacturers David Yost, Adirondack 90 miler organizer/Adirondack Watershed Alliance director Brian McDonnell, Savage River Canoe designer/builder John Diller, New York Padlesport Racing Association president/racer Phil Milspaugh, Swift Canoe owner Bill Swift, and me, two time USCA Stock C-1 Stock class participant Paul Gruber, gathering the information. This is the conscientious for what should work best in the USCA Stock C-1 class. It keeps things simple without the need for measurements or jigging.

Proposal: The USCA shall adopt the complete list of accepted Stock C-1 boats used in "Adirondack 90 Miler" as the accepted craft for competition in the USCA Stock C-1 class. Future boat additions to this list by the Adirondack 90 Miler and New York Paddlesport Racing Association, will be accepted for competition in the USCA Stock C-1 class.

Adirondack 90 Miller Stock C-1 "ACCEPTED BOATS" Grasse River Boatworks - Classic, Classic XL Wenonah - Advantage, Prism, Encounter, Solitude Sawyer - Summer Song, DY Special, Shock Wave Savage River - Otegan (modified), Blackwater Bell - Magic Mad River - Independence

Swift - Cruiser

Sawyer DY Special

This is simple and eliminates the need to measure or jig boats. It grandfathers in all canoes that presently attend USCA Nationals. This list is maintained by Brian McDonnell's Adirondack 90 Miler committee along with the New York Paddlersport Racing Association (NYMCRA/NYPRA). The list will be up-dated after the NYPRA January 25th. 2020 meeting with addition of an extensive list of approved boats. This list will be available for viewing on

Some Stock class boats at 2019 Adirondack 90 Miler

What to do for a boat not on the list wanting to race at the USCA Nationals? First: The boat must be 17 feet or less. Second: The boat must be designed as a tripping Stock class canoe, suitable for tripping and hauling camping gear. Third: The boat must not have had hull modifications other than general repairs. Fourth: The boat must look like a Stock class canoe.

Fifth: Passing all of the above, please let them race it!

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