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Who needs Florida when you have NYMCRA

This year New York is having 4 straight weekends of mini training camps hosted across the state to help all of you paddlers get together in a group environment to get the rust off of your skills and prepare for the upcoming season.

The 1st camp will be Gary Mclains camp March 23-24 on Fish Creek in Saratoga, NY. The group will try to put around 10hrs on the water and Gary will host a dryland clinic Saturday evening at his house. This is normally a well attended event that provides a good atmosphere and water for training.

The following weekend we heard to Rochester on the Irondequoit Creek which is a small creek that provides great practice especially for C1 handling. The dates for this camp are 3/30-3/31.

The weekend of 4/6-7 we will be in Baldwinsville to spend some quality time on the Seneca River. This river is ideal for pack riding so that will be the focus for this event. There will be a dryland clinic on pack riding Saturday evening where you will be able to learn the proper positioning to get the most out of wake riding.

The last event will be on the mighty Susquehanna 4/13-14 at Wells Bridge. Perfect warm up for the upcoming spring races as at least 3 races will pass this section of the rive this spring including USPP, Ed Wessels, and the General Clinton.

Come for the training and stay for the friendships developed. Can't wait to see everyone there!

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