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So you want to Paddle Down the Aisle?

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

One Last Post for 2020!

It was quite a year, even if there were not many, or any, races. Ben and I found ourselves adopting a puppy and then, what the heck-let's make us an official family! COVID provided a great excuse for a tiny gathering of folks for a few vows with very little stress.

For those of you out there that are looking for a new way to walk down the aisle-might I offer this blog post. It all started on a Friday at 10am and I told Ben that the Town Clerk would be more than happy to create our marriage license, but he just had to be at the Town Hall by 4pm. After all, the Town Clerk's office is just down the hall from mine! Around 2pm he called to see if I was serious and I told him to bring both of our passports. At 5pm I called the minister and asked if he was busy on Sunday-lucky us-he was available. That night we stopped by the Town Supervisor's house to have a celebratory glass of wine.

Saturday morning we sent a text to my parents and grandparents to see if they would be available the following day as well. My mother met me in Hamilton at Circa Bridal and was full of great advice for those wanting to paddle down the aisle.

1-Make sure you have room to rotate in the shoulder area! (aka not this one!)

2-Find random strangers that want to help you out!

3-Bring your water savvy photographer.

4-Don't forget to call your partner to make sure he's at the start on time.

5-You may get cold feet, but most certainly wet ones!

6-Pose with your paddling partner :)

7-Stay Hydrated!

8-Thank your sponsors

9-Find a stable boat to start out your new adventure in...

10-Live Happily Ever After!

It was short and sweet, after all we couldn't leave our pit crew on the riverbank forever! It was one of the warmest November days on record for Upstate New York, and it certainly was memorable. "If anyone tells you it takes more than a weekend to plan a wedding-they're just doing it wrong." the Groom ;-)

We will see you in the future to celebrate! #canulove

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