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Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Well Hello!

What a long summer it has been, and yet, here we are in September already. I have to admit that every year it seems like nothing has gotten done because we are off to a variety of races over the summer, but this year-still nothing has gotten done! But we did get a new addition to the family!

We welcomed Poté (Poh-tay) into our family on September 5th, and it has been quite a month! He's a good pup with an affinity for water! Above is a picture of Ben and Poté the day we brought him home and the other photos are from the Erie Canal Launch site in Camillus. The paddling pictures are probably the last of the season where you will see us in tee shirts and shorts! It was a beautiful evening...

Here are some pro-tips for paddling with your pooch!

1 Always bring snacks (for you and for the dog)

2 Start early! Ben started taking Poté out at 7 weeks, it took him 4 times before he realized that he should just stay in the boat. The pictures above are from the first successful voyage where Poté did not abandon ship! However, he did jump from boat to boat.

3 They are not as squirmy as you think. Since the pup is low to the "ground" he doesn't rock the boat as much as one would think. This was my initial concern, but once he jumped in, it wasn't so bad. This is also due to the exceptional stability that the #Concept Pro-C1 by #GRB #grassriverboatworks provides!!!

4 Start small. Poté seems to lose interest after about a half hour, but with treats he can settle in for an hour tops.

5 You're going to get wet, so maybe pick a warm day.....

I hope you all are healthy and safe. The Adventure Continues.... xo M

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