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Podcast episode 2 thoughts

Wow canoe racing fans...Episode 2 of the podcast is in the books. I cannot say thank you enough to those of you that shared the podcast, provided feedback for improvement, topics for future discussions, or offered to be on the show. We've even had an offer to record professional intro, outro and midtro's. Thank you. Bill's CRW 2019E2 Podcast thoughts... The interview with Rebecca Davis was fantastic. From a pure canoe racing stance, there were a couple things that need revisited and emphasized. As a fan of the sport turned competitor, I've had my share of "what separates them from us" moments. Clearly I need to put more pork on my fork. She also keyed in on two other things that some paddlers, myself included, could improve on. The first is in the area of training. As mentioned on the podcast, the Hog Wild Racing crew has an established schedule. Monday is a recovery day with yoga mixed in. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are when the "on water". Friday is a travel day before the weekends races. Now...some of you are probably sitting here going...big deal Bill, I paddle three days during the week too. It's not just that they paddle three days. I often see paddlers (and am guilty of) paddling just to paddle. Hey, I paddled this week and did the Townline loop, went to sprints at the lake, and then Town to McMasters. That's nice, what did you do though? The Hog Wild crew has a specific purpose each time they hit the water. Interval days, skill days. They are not simply paddling to paddle.

I've spent the last half decade plus fascinated by the difference between the elite and the average in solo sports. This same concept applies to cross country skiers, runners, cyclists, etc. Time is valuable. Use it wisely with a purpose. The next thing that captured my attention... Tactics. Some people seem to be born with great race strategy and instincts. The rest of us have to learn from repetition, experiencing others exhibit "tactics". Even after newer paddlers learn the concept of the tactic, it can still be difficult to apply. I'm fortunate to have a strong network of paddlers that offer me tactical advice on a regular basis. After I uploaded the Harry Curley C1 race to YouTube, the tactical breakdown began. There were a couple of mistakes that I knew I made, as well as a few other opportunities to think about. If you want to improve your race performance, take a look at the tactics employed by those you are chasing while racing. Improving your race tactics can make a noticeable difference. I encourage you to give the podcast another listen, as Rebecca lists some very specific training items and tactics.

-------- Quick Hitters: 1.) Warren, PA Chamber of Commerce sounds pretty great. Thank you for hosting the 2019 USCA Nationals! 2.) There are a few marathon paddlers overseas claiming gold medals on dragon boats, including CRW's very own Ben Schlimmer. Look for a future episode with Ben where we talk about winning gold, along with the technique differences between Marathon paddling and dragon boat. Check out his post here on the subject #USA 3.) I cannot wait to get #DannyPaddle on the air. 4.) Wells Bridge race sounds like a blast. I love the combined overall concept. Adds a completely different level to the race.

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