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Florida Training Camp Update 3/12

Although I am not soaking up the Florida sun rays and grabbing massive amounts of early spring hours at the training camp I have heard some rumors that the great Serge Corbin has made the trek down south to get the year started and grab some of those early season volume gains. Although sources say that he is being slightly cryptic about his racing plans this year he was paddling yesterday with Norman Mainguy. It has also been confirmed that Steve Lajoie and Sam Frigon were seen paddling together. Since Chris Proulx has said that he is not planning on doing the 70 this year is this a potential matchup for the Clinton? If so they will definitely be in the mix for the Clinton crown this year.

All exciting news with this year getting close to being underway. Check back regularly for more updates on upcoming race events and happenings in the marathon canoe race world.

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