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Today is the big day for Consumer's energy's Ausable River Canoe Marathon. Over the past 3 days the teams did their prologue sprints for starting positions and last night they impounded their boats. In just a couple of hours the cannon will go off right at 9pm and its 120 miles through the night until they reach Oscoda.

This year we have 2 of our writers participating in one of the biggest and best run races of the year. We want to wish both Ben Schlimmer in the #98 boat and Bill Mahaffy in the #50 boat the best of luck along with the other 182 competitors tonight.

Below you will find a link to the current results that will be updated periodically through the night that currently has the sprint results. Ben has landed a spot in the 2nd row with the 7th fastest sprint time and Bill is starting in the 11th row starting in the 52nd spot.

For all of you that wish to follow the GPS track of the race you can find it at the link below. Hope everyone has a safe and fun filled night and day tomorrow! Happy Paddling!

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