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Ausable Marathon-Report from Syracuse, NY

The end is near! The paddlers are coming up on Oscoda, MI and there is a different flavor to this year's Marathon. A bit more mesquite than maple syrup with plenty of Texans coming North for the occasion. We won't get too political here, but many Canadians were not allowed to come into the US due to the Pandemic and the ever-moving target of restrictions was extended to August 9th for border crossing.

For the average spectator, the conditions looked good-even if you were just getting updates from your preferred weather app. There has been plenty of rain in Michigan (and NY) over the last few weeks and it sounds like the water is high. A major kudos to the website, as it has some fantastic data for those that appreciate all of those facts. The winds are out of the west and pushing all paddlers to their easterly destination on the mitten. It is a warm morning, and I hope everyone got a blast of sunscreen at Loud, 5 Channels, Cooke and Foote Dams.

Thanks to all who put on this race, even though we are sitting on the banks of 9 Mile Creek in Camillus-we can still feel the energy! It may also have something to do with @consumersenergy @ausablemarathon #hupallnight

Poté is cheering for all....but especially for Team Schlimmer!

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