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47th Annual Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta

When most of us up in the northern part of the country are just thinking about getting some mileage in to prepare for the upcoming season here in NY and New England and Michigan there are still plenty of races going on down south. This is an interesting race I stumbled upon that took place last Saturday in Houston Texas. The 15.5mi race used to be known as the "Reeking Regatta" as it started to acknowledge the poor water quality of the Buffalo Bayou but has passed the test of time as this was the 47th running of this event. Full race information can be found here.

and results here

It looks like the surfskis wont the day with THOMAS YONLEY taking the home the fastest time of 1hr 38min 57sec. The next category to come in was the solo unlimited male MARK SCHATTENBERG that posted a time of 1hr 44min 01sec.

Congratulations to all that participated and if you know of a race that should be on this site that isn't yet. Let me know! you can email me at Happy Paddling Everyone!

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