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2019 Clinton Reorganized Results

Hey fellow canoe racers, it's been a long while since the Clinton, and everyone probably as the AuSable River Canoe Marathon on their minds. I just wanted to share the list of results I made from the 70 milers pros and amateurs in case you missed it. After the Clinton, I always get frustrated trying to read the pro and amateur results from two different PDFs and then going back and forth between class divisions. So this year I smartened up and made one list from all the pros and amateurs. It's finally valid to compare the times between pros and amateurs since we all start on the same line now. This new format is a recent change, with it's first year being 2018.

My goal was to give the fast amateur teams a straightforward way to compare themselves to the pros. With that objective, I only combined the results up to the nice even time of 9 hours. This captured the last pro and made my OCD happy.

The list has the teams color coded by mens, womens or mixed. Then off to the right I provide an overall finishing place, and a pro or am finishing place (depending on which class the team was registered for).



I really like this format and I'll probably continue combining the Clinton results similar to this as long as it's relevant. And I hope other people can benefit from this as well.

The famous AuSable River Canoe Marathon is fast approaching. I did my first AuSable last year and had an amazing time. The race is wildly unique and exhilarating. I wish all this year's competitors good luck, I will be following the results from the computer rather than on the water this time.

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