The paddle is probably the most important piece of equipement for the canoe racer.  Paddles are what you will use to propel you for the miles and hours each training session and race.  The paddle is one area that you do not want to bargain hunt as lower quality paddles will either be low quality or much heavier in weight.  You should always have at least 2 paddles and if you need to get a budget paddle that should be your backup.

GRB Paddles

Top Pick

Curved Blade Paddle


The bent shaft paddle has been the standard in racing for decades.  Curved blades have been introduced more recently and more and more competitive paddlers choose to use a curved blade.  The improved catch with a curved blade is one of the reasons for this.  GRB's take on this paddle is both lightweight and priced very well.  This is the paddle that I (Kevin) have personally been racing with the past 2 racing season.


Older style

Bent Shaft Flat Blade


This paddle has a more traditional design that has been tried and tested over decades of canoe racing.  This is a great option for those paddlers that are not fans of the newer curved blade.  Still light and fast at a very reasonable price




For the next generation

Juniors Paddle


This is a great option for the kids before they can handle a full size paddle.  The blade is smaller, shaft is shorter and comes with a T grip instead of a palm grip making it easy to grasp.  This is also a great price for a carbon fiber paddle.  Providing your kids with an appropriately sized paddle that looks just like top racers will surely help in their development in the sport and help keep them engaged.

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