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My name is Kevin Olson, and I created this site for the marathon canoe racing community.  If you would like to add content to the site reach out to me.


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You will ultimately need some if not all of the items listed on this page at some point in your racing career.  Whether these items are to help you transport or store your boat or for outfitting your boat to make sure that it si race ready you will find it here.

Car Racks and Storage

"Humunga" Llama Rack


Car Top Rack

One of the biggest issues with using just a base Thule or Yakima base rack system for your boat is there is just not enough spread between the crossbars.  This rack increases the spread to 8ft and has great minicell foam to keep your boat nice and secure.  The craddles accomodate widths from 12-27in so you can adjust the fit to your boat.  Because of the 8ft spread you will most likely never need a bow line again!




Wall Mount Storage Solution

For the rare occasions that you need to store your boat inside because your are not traveling to your favorite paddling spot, having a dedicated spot to store your canoe can definitely be a plus.  This is a great rack that mounts to your wall and has that beautiful foam to craddle your precious carbon fiber hull as it gets a break from all those miles you have been putting in. 



1230 Rad Sports Stands


Portable Storage

If you are looking for a portable storage solution so you can store at home and also on the road these stands will do the trick.  It is always nice to have the option to get your boat off the ground to set up and work on your outfitting and hull care and these stands also fold up for convient and compact travel.