Virtual Race Series

Due to the current climate with Covid-19, we have decided to to start a virtual race series.  This is a series of races that will be performed in a C1 and recorded using the app strava as these races will be specific strava segments.  Races can be completed over the course of the entire year and you can do them as many times as you would like.  The season will end September 1st and we will compile all of the results and recognize and provide awards based on a points system that will be based on accumulation of ranked "segments"/race courses.

Points will be provided as such:

1st place - 10 points     6th place - 5 points

2nd place - 9 points     7th place - 4 points

3rd place - 8 points      8th place - 3 points

4th place - 7 points      9th place - 2 points

5th place - 6 points      10th place - 1 point

Example of accumulation of points:

Racer A - Completed 3 races with ranks of 1st, 3rd, and 4th = 25 points

Race B - Completed 6 races with 5 ranks of 5th, and 1 11th = 60 points


We will be adding courses over the course of the season when our team is able to get the courses together and they will be around the country.  Our goal to have most of the courses that will not be greatly affected by changing water levels over the course of the season/days.  We are doing this to try and prevent advantages from local paddlers that can pick a high water day to go out and crush the segment

The first race in this series is a loop around Horshoe Island.  This stretch of river has very little current and is not affected by water levels as this is part of the canal system in NY so it stays pretty consistent throughout the year.  The loop is almost exaclty 6 miles.  Start at the 481 bridge by heading east on the Oneida river.  You will turn left after you pass under the horshoe Island bridge and follow the river all the way back to the 481 bridge for the finish.

The Strava segment for this race is titled CRW - Horshoe Island

Current Top 10 Rankings (5/13/20)

1. Kevin Olson 52:43

2.Ed Wagner 57.53

3.David Preston 59:03

4.Jim Genkos 1:00:41







Horseshoe Island - Syracuse, NY

Horshoe Island Course.JPG

Start Location

Since Canton Canoe Weekend has been cancelled due to Coronavirus we decided to add the course to our virtual schedule.  We shortened the course to eliminate the sprint bouy turn that is normally 1 mi into the race as we want something that can be done with as little amount of bouys needed.  The Course starts lined up with the beach at Taylor park in Canton, heads upstream to the Bridge Abutments that the normal 2nd bouy turn is at, then to the little river, we are talking with the committee to get the little river bouy put out for the year for this, turn this bouy and return to start.  This is the same course as the ameteur division of Canton Canoe Weekend.

The Strava segment for this race is titled CRW - Canton

Current Top 10 Rankings (4/03/20)











Canton Virtual - Canton, NY

Canton Full Map.JPG