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Some Off Season Reads!

I don't know about you, but if I am not out paddling or making updates to the site, there is a good chance that I am probably doing some sort of research on our sport or endurance sports in general to help in my own personal quest to rise in the paddling hierarchy. Now that we are in the darkest of days it might be a good time to share some resources to help you get motivated in prime time cookie season.

From Training Peaks:

For those of you that haven't heard, I am a bit of a data junkie. In my quest to help self coach myself I stumbled across Training Peaks in 2016 and have been a user ever since. On top of a great performance management software they also tend to have some pretty good articles on endurance training in General. Below are some of their recent articles that might be of interest.

Our friends over at Southern Tier Canoe offered the below read up that we thought was also a good share

From our YouTube:

If you prefer some video footage these are previously shared videos I created for off-season training from strength workouts to interval workouts on your PERG from Paddlesport Training Systems.

New Years Day Workout

20 min Interval Workout

Supported Rows

Upper Body Olympic Rings workout

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